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絵 by セキネコ
絵 by セキネコ

先日のライブは楽しかったよ。遊びに来てくれた皆様、共演者さん、お店に多謝。English below.





象徴的両性具有化儀礼【 SoundCloudにて試聴



不合格【 不自分バーションだがYouTubeにて視聴


余韻【 YouTubeにて視聴






We played a show the other day in Nishi-Ogikubo, and it was fun. Much thanks to everyone who came to listen, to the other artists, and to the venue.


The show was put on by Merry-Chan, a Latin-influenced guitar/percussion duo. Both guys sing in Japanese, but the feel is very South American / Mexican etc. Their site is here, so have a listen.


After that, hashigo. Our set list:

shochoteki ryoseiguyuka girei【 Listen on SoundCloud


ni no mai

fugokaku【 Listen to the fjbn version on YouTube


yoin【 Listen on YouTube


The last band was Suichu, Sore wa Kurushii. Humorous, energetic punk rock on acoustic guitar, drums, and violin. Their site is here, so have a listen.


Our next show is a daytime show, on Sunday, 12/4. It's at Tokyo Club (hard to believe the name of the venue, but I guess they got to it first or something) and we'll play with dodo, which is Shiranui Iori and Uchida Ayako's duo. Highly recommended. Details here.

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