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「しっぽコンセント」by セキネコ
「しっぽコンセント」by セキネコ



We played a show today at Tokyo Club (what a name) in Hongo. It was our first time there. A nice venue, good sound and good atmosphere. We'll play there again, if they'll have us.




Good sound makes all the difference. For listeners and the band. Is what occured to us today.




To everybody who came to listen, to Iori Shiranui (who played with us) and to the venue, much thanks.




Iori Shiranui played a set. He and I (Dale) have been friends since way back, when we released a split single together. He was set to play today with Ayako Uchida; they play as a duo under the name dodo. They've got a very cool indie/laid back folk vibe, so we were looking forward to playing a show together. But Uchida caught a cold and was out for the count, so Shiranui had to play solo.




It was too bad we didn't get to hear them play together, since they've got such great chemistry. But Shiranui's solo set was great, anyway, so it all worked out.

不知火くんの写真 by 泥。下手ながら。dodoさんのサイトはこちら。音源も流れてると思うので聴いてご覧。


(Amateurish) photos of Shiranui by d. The dodo site is here. They've got songs streaming, so have a listen.




We played next.

写真 by Naoko M.
写真 by Naoko M.

曲目・set list


不具合・fuguai【 YouTubeにて視聴


飲酒散歩・inshu sanpo


余韻・yoin【 YouTubeにて視聴





The song "inshu sanpo" was actually co-written with Shiranui way back when, released on the aforementioned split single (song: Shiranui; words: Dale). So today for the first time in a long time, we sang it together. And, yeah, it's a lot better when Shiranui's there.




The next hashigo show isn't planned yet. Actually, we're planning to take time off from gigging for a while to focus on recording. Once we've got something ready to release, we'll organize a release show for it, so at that time why not come to a show for a change, you bunch of jerks.

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