養分 by セキネコ
養分 by セキネコ



hashigo played a show yesterday. We released two new CDs, too. It turned out to be a very good day. Thanks to everybody who came to listen. Thanks also to Suehiro Kazuhiro, who played with us, and to the venue.




The venue was Tokyo Club, their Meguro location. We've played at the Hongo location, but it was our first show at Meguro. A spacious, attractive, stylish venue. It'd be nice to play there again.




Suehiro Kazuhiro played with us.  He and Dale have played together on and off for a while, but it was the first time hashigo got to play with him.



Kazuhiro Suehiro sings soft, unassuming music with an undercurrent of deep emotion, often sorrowful. He doesn't parade emotion with loud, showy vocalizations, but with a voice that rises a bit above a whisper manages to captivate every ear in the room.  We're glad we got to play with him. His site is here.




We played next.



Recently we've all started to move in the same direction as a band, and the shows are getting more focused and well-rounded. Had fun yesterday.


曲目・set list:



飲酒散歩・inshu sanpo




無縁仏・muen botoke





Yesterday we released two EPs.  They were recorded in the same sessions, but we decided to split them into softer, rounder songs ("tori") and harder, more angular songs ("samé"). Figuring people could then choose one or the other based on their tastes.




The jackets are cute, eh. Kei Sunayama, bassist and leader of the band, designed them. All jackets are handmade. We're not planning on making that many copies of these EPs, but those we did make for this show more or less sold out on the spot, which was nice.  Something like 18 CDs, I think. However, all the money for those CDs went into Sunayama's pockets, so the rest of us went to bed hungry, as usual.




It was a good show. Glad we did it. Our next show will be part of an event on March 14 at Ongaku no Jikan in Mitaka. It'd be great to see you there.  Details here.

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