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絵 by セキネコ
絵 by セキネコ



We played on an event last night at a venue called Ongaku no Jikan in Mitaka. Thanks a lot to everybody who came out to listen, and to the venue and the other artists who played.




First, the other artists.


First, QULI. An easygoing female singer songwriter on acoustic guitar. Generates a sort of cottony airy sound. Her site is here.


Next, Yureru Sakana. She organizes this monthly event and in the past has asked Dale and fjbn to play, but this was the first time hashigo has had the chance to play there. There's a blog dedicated to the event here. Yureru Sakana is a female singer songwriter on piano, with a unique voice and songwriting.


Third was Yuta Miura. A male singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar. Mid-tempo, slightly somber pop. Plays in a band, and their site is here.


  1. 飲酒散歩【YouTubeにて試聴
  2. 不正データ
  3. 無縁仏【YouTubeにて試聴
  4. 限りある時間
  5. 砂読み
  6. 余韻【YouTubeにて試聴
  7. 浮遊【YouTubeにて試聴


And then us. Had fun. Here's our set list.

  1. inshu sanpo (listen on YouTube)
  2. fusei data
  3. muen botoke (listen on YouTube)
  4. kagiri aru jikan
  5. sunayomi
  6. yoin (listen on YouTube)
  7. fuyuu (listen on YouTube)


梯子ノ上デ・写真 by 揺れる魚
梯子ノ上デ・写真 by 揺れる魚


The next hashigo show is already in the works. The date and venue are set: Friday, April 20 at Colored Jam in Shimokitazawa. When the details are set, we'll put them on the site. But they ain't set.

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