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絵 by セキネコ
絵 by セキネコ

March of the Yagamo, part IV: all done

矢鴨行進曲 第四本:無事終了


we held an event tonight at Colored Jam in Shimokitazawa. it was a lot of fun. thanks a lot to everybody who came out to listen. it was really nice to see so many people who we care about. and thanks also to Chiharu and Fujinza for playing along with us, and to everybody at the venue.



photos by MiRoKu

first, Chiharu played. we've been friends since back in the day, and she sang a bit on our new EP, "tori". she sings in a unique, laid-back style, quiet and mature. she also plays in a duo called narcolepsy#2 with former hashigo member (and current fjbn member) kei takasugi. her blog is here, and the narcolepsy#2 site is here.



next played Fuujinza. they're a three-piece that plays Irish music with Japanese lyrics, a combination you're not likely to find most places. male-female twin vocals, accordion, acoustic guitar/harmonica, bass. Irish music has a combination of lighthearted fun and power, and Fuujinza put a gentle Japanese spin on it. their site is here.

finally, hashigo. our set list:

  1. inshu sanpo
  2. sunayomi
  3. kagiri aru jikan
  4. ekitai
  5. ninmari
  6. muenbotoke
  7. yoin (listen on YouTube)
  8. fuyuu


  1. 飲酒散歩
  2. 砂読み
  3. 限りある時間
  4. 液体
  5. にんまり
  6. 無縁仏
  7. 余韻(YouTubeにて試聴
  8. 浮遊








any upcoming shows? yes.


our schedule in May is still up in the air, but there's a good likelihood we'll do some busking. date and place will be announced on this site later.


on June 13th we're playing in an event that Yureru Sakana is putting on at Ongaku no Jikan in Mitaka.


and after that we'll play piles and piles of more shows. details are in the "shows" section of this site.

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