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「失敗作」by セキネコ
「失敗作」by セキネコ

hey. some news.


in july, we're going on a little tour. probably just two or three shows. we'll be hitting Shizuoka. one date we're sure of now is july 29th at UHU in Shizuoka. it's going to be an event put on by Misato & Shin called "nice to meet you!" we'll post details shortly.


in august, we're putting on an event. the date is probably going to be august 25th. venue, other bands, details TBA, but we're all excited so we leaked the news early.


and, oh yeah, our next shows: june 13 and june 30, both at Ongaku No Jikan in Mitaka. details here.




7月にぷちツアーに出るよ。2、3本のライブだけ。静岡で。確定している一つのライブは、7月29日に静岡のUHUで。"nice to meet you!"という、Misato & Shinさんの企画イベント。後ほど詳細をアップするね。





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