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一陽来復 by セキネコ
一陽来復 by セキネコ





played again at Marche de Couleurs in Futako-tamagawa. they let us play there on both June 2nd and 3rd.


it was fun, dude. or should we say surreal. singing some pretty dark subject matter, looking down, and we're surrounded by all these little kids clapping along. too bad all our shows aren't like that.

on our first day there, chihaya from Cubic Star Minimal Orchestra was there, taking pictures. we put a few of them up on the site. they're over here. there's a sample picture below.

一日目はCubic Star Minimal OrchestraのChihayaさんは撮影してくれた。何枚か当サイトにアップしたよ。こちらです。一枚だけ抜粋して以下に貼付けるね。

写真 by Chihaya
写真 by Chihaya

we ended up playing the same songs over and over, providing background music for about three hours.  some of the songs we did:

  1. matohazure
  2. fuguai
  3. butsuyoku
  4. yoin (listen on YouTube)
  5. sunayomi
  6. kimono to boketsu
  7. inshu sanpo
  8. berurin no kabe
  9. ekitai
  10. shochoteki ryoseiguyuka girei
  11. fuyuu


and we also had a little "beatles corner" of the show.  three covers that we sort of learned on the spot, practiced once on the grass, and then played for the kids there assembled.

  1. norwegian wood
  2. obladi oblada
  3. yellow submarine


  1. 的外れ
  2. 不具合
  3. 物欲
  4. 余韻(YouTubeにて試聴
  5. 砂読み
  6. 着物と墓穴
  7. 飲酒散歩
  8. ベルリンの壁
  9. 液体
  10. 象徴的両性具有化儀礼
  11. 浮遊



  1. ノルウェーの森
  2. オブラディ・オブラダ
  3. イエロー・サブマリン

写真 by Chihaya
写真 by Chihaya

it was a fun show. you can't believe you missed it! well, here's your chance to atone. our next show is june 13th in mitaka. details here.


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