「視線による複数の一報通行」 by セキネコ
「視線による複数の一報通行」 by セキネコ

hashigo played in a Yureru Sakana event called "Sora wo Tobu Sakana". she puts this event on monthly, and we sometimes participate (and so does fjbn), but this time was a special version, featuring eight different artists in a marathon lineup.



thanks to everybody who came to listen, especially those who could stay for all the artists. thanks also to Yureru Sakana, the venue (Ongaku no Jikan in Mitaka – a venue we like), and the other performers.




最初はMEGURO EBISUさん。以前も対バンした。エフェクターを多用する男子ギター弾き語り。彼のサイト










  1. 的外れ
  2. 不正データ(YouTubeにて試聴
  3. 着物と墓穴
  4. owls in daylight
  5. 飲酒散歩
  6. 余韻(YouTubeにて試聴



a brief rundown of the performers.


first was MEGURO EBISU, a male singer-songwriter on guitar who makes heavy use of effects. his site.


then, Shinta Saito, a male singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar. did a few songs with a violinist. his site.


then, kyooo, a female singer-songwriter on guitar. a remarkably delicate sound, indelible atmosphere. her site.


then, Yureru Sakana, the event organizer, a unique female singer-songwriter on piano. her site.


then, Kana Matsumoto, a female singer-songwriter on piano with a full-bodied singing voice. an accomplished performance. her site.


then, us. our set list:

  1. matohazure
  2. fusei data (listen on YouTube)
  3. kimono to boketsu
  4. owls in daylight
  5. inshu sanpo
  6. yoin (listen on YouTube)


and finally, Koichi Ogawa, a male guitar-vocalist, along with Bancho (bass) and Guts (drums) from hashigo. his site.

the next hashigo show is 7/21 at Wasted Time in Shibuya. and then of course we've got our record release event on 8/25 at Ongaku no Jikan. both of these shows are highly recommended. info here.


and if you're interested, you can check d.'s MySpace for info on two solo shows happening before that, on 7/4 and 7/8.

梯子ノ上デの次のライブは7/21に渋谷のWasted Timeにて。あと、8/25におんがくのじかんでうちらのレコ発表イベントもあるね、もちろん。どちらも迷い無くオススメだよ。詳しくはこちら



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