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Misato and Shinが開催したイベントだった。彼女らにつくづく感謝。そして共演者の練さんにも、お店にも、もちろん遊びに来てくれた方々にも多謝。

we played a show in shizuoka today (yesterday). it was our first time out on the road. we're hellbent on going again.


the show was an event put on by Misato and Shin. much thanks to them for having us. we're also very grateful to Neri (who also played), to the venue, and to everybody who came to listen.

「龍の鼻息」by セキネコ
「龍の鼻息」by セキネコ



以下の写真は、高速道路で道中分解しかけた梯子ノ車。ガムテープ by 砂山番長。

we set out bright and early. yoshijima was at the wheel, while d. and s. were sleeping like logs.


the picture below is of the hashigo tour vehicle after it began to disintegrate on the road. repairs by suna.

カー トラブル・kuruma no mondai
カー トラブル・kuruma no mondai




we arrive. set up. rehearse. eat. the show starts.


first up was Neri. a duo with female vocals. soothing, pretty music. they played originals and some covers from south america. the singer has a lovely voice, and the guitars intertwine and contrast nicely. their site is here.


次は僕ら。企画者のMisato and Shinさんに非常に良いお持て成しに与り、サウンドの良い環境で演奏できて、梯子ノ幸。



  1. 象徴的両性具有化儀礼
  2. 不正データ(YouTubeにて試聴
  3. 後の祭
  4. 飲酒散歩(YouTubeにて試聴
  5. 液体
  6. にんまり
  7. 砂読み
  8. 余韻(YouTubeにて試聴
  9. 浮遊

next was us. Misato and Shin treated us like kings, the sound in the venue was great... it was good to be there.


set list:

  1. shochoteki ryoseiguyuka girei
  2. fusei data (listen on YouTube)
  3. ato no matsuri
  4. inshu sanpo (listen on YouTube)
  5. ekitai
  6. ninmari
  7. sunayomi
  8. yoin (listen on YouTube)
  9. fuyuu

梯子ノ上デ・photo by s. amari
梯子ノ上デ・photo by s. amari

最後はMisato and Shinさん。非常に「合ってる」男女ボーカル。dが初めて見た時はポップス要素は印象的だったが、今回はおそらく、ファンクやソウルの影響も受けてるんじゃないかと思ってきた。Stevie WonderやらSly and the Family Stone。特に歌い方。(最初からそんな感じだったろうが、dは気付くのが遅いだけ)彼女らのサイトはこちら

finally, Misato and Shin. male-female vocals that blend flawlessly. the first time i (dale) saw them, i took away a mostly poppy impression, but this time it occured to me that they might also be influenced by funk and soul, for example Stevie Wonder or Sly and the Family Stone. especially their singing style. don't know why i didn't realize that sooner. their site is here.

Misato and Shin
Misato and Shin




and then back home. yoshijima fought horrible traffic while d. and s. snored like trolls. thanks, yoshijima.


our next show: our record release party. august 25 at Ongaku no Jikan in Mitaka. just like last time, a twin-EP double release. just like last time, they're cheap. they feature guest musicians. and the recording quality is even better than our last releases. the show that night should be grand. we're playing with dodo and ii, both of them excellent artists. you should come. details are here.

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