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数日前に梯子ノ上デは渋谷のWasted Timeで演奏した。聴きに来てくれたみなさん、ありがとう。先日みたいに多くの人の前で演奏できると嬉しい。



hashigo played a show a couple of days ago at Wasted Time in Shibuya. thanks a lot to everybody who came to listen. it's always nice to play in front of a pretty full house.


the show was a double record release by Mikihito Nakahira and a band called Strings Club. thanks a lot to them for having us, and to everybody at the venue.

「木と人」by セキネコ
「木と人」by セキネコ


  1. 悲しみは知識である
  2. 液体
  3. 飲酒散歩
  4. 後の祭
  5. 惚れ薬
  6. 浮遊


our set list:

  1. kanashimi ha chishiki de aru
  2. ekitai
  3. inshu sanpo
  4. ato no matsuri
  5. horegusuri
  6. fuyuu

without realizing it, i think we put together a pretty pop-heavy set list. sort of.








そしてDJ2名も演奏していた:Machida Rongaiさんとゴミッシーさん。豪華なライナップだったね。

the other artists

Mikihito Nakahira is the gravelliest-voiced representative of Japanese blues we've ever heard. his site:


Strings Club is a fun, energetic group who also had a CD to release on the same day. Their site:


New Tokyo Smart Ballers is an instrumental band with violin, accordion, clarinet, etc. Their site:


and there were two DJs on hand, rotating wax: Machida Rongai & Gomisshi. an extravagant lineup, huh?



10月1日に三鷹 おんがくのじかんでライブがあるんだよ。お店の三周年記念イベントに参加する。来ない人の損。



what about the next hashigo show?


thanks for asking. we're playing on Oct. 1 at Ongaku No Jikan in Mitaka, as part of the venues three-year anniversary series of shows. anybody who doesn't come is a loser.


details are here.

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