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yesterday hashigo played at Marche De Couleurs, an outdoor flea market, where we provided a few hours' worth of background music.


thanks a lot to the organizers for having us, and to those who came to listen, and to those who came for other reasons and listened while there.


and thanks to the legion of kids who assaulted us. it was fun.

森を着る セキネコ
「森を着る」by セキネコ









photographic evidence of kids' assault below.


here are the songs we played. we did them in this order (more or less) for four hours on infinite loop (more or less):


inshu sanpo (listen on YouTube), fuguai (listen on YouTube), shochoteki, yoin (listen on YouTube), ninmari, berlin no kabe (listen on YouTube), mato hazure, kemuri no wan, kanashimi ha chishiki de aru, 0+0-0, fusei data (listen on YouTube), fuyuu, sunayomi, butsuyoku, horegusuri (listen on YouTube), kimono to boketsu (listen on YouTube), ekitai...


with occasional Irish folk, occasional Beatles mixed in...




as you'd imagine, the most sought-after instrument was the drums. we even had a few mid-song youthful contributions that added "flavor" (think, ketchup on ice cream). and kei was also a big hit with the kids, as you can see.


more scenes from the show below.



次の梯子ライブは11月11日。詳しくはこちら。その前にデールの単独演奏は10/31にあり、cubic starのライブは10/29にあるよ。遊びに来い来い。

and after that, d. had yet another show in the evening. busy guy.


the next hashigo show is Nov. 11. details here. before that, d. has a solo show on Oct. 31, and there's a cubic star show on Oct. 29. you should come.

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