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今夜は梯子ノ上デはA Perfect Picture Recordsが企画したイベントに参加してきた。出してくれた企画者に、そして遊びに来てくれた皆さんに多謝。




共演者はsmall finger recordsに関係している小川晃一くんとAPP Recordsに所属している二組:MansghostさんとEl Sonokosさん。ところで梯子ノ上デも同じsmall finger recordsに関係しているよ、なんとなく。

hashigo played in an event tonight put on by A Perfect Picture Records. thanks to the organizer for having us, and thanks to everybody who came out.


the venue was Home in Shibuya. it's a small place, but there was a pretty good turnout, which was encouraging.


also on the bill was Koichi Ogawa (of small finger records, with which hashigo is also associated) and two bands from APP Records: Mansghost and El Sonokos.

「120年後の対話」by セキネコ
「120年後の対話」by セキネコ

梯子ノ上デ at 渋谷 HOME 2012年12月7日
写真 by Yuko


  1. 余韻(YouTubeにて試聴
  2. 不正データ(YouTubeにて試聴
  3. 砂読み(YouTubeにて試聴
  4. 飲酒散歩(YouTubeにて試聴
  5. owls in daylight
  6. desaturation song


our setlist:

  1. yoin (listen on YouTube)
  2. fusei data (listen on YouTube)
  3. sunayomi (listen on YouTube)
  4. inshu sanpo (listen on YouTube)
  5. owls in daylight
  6. desaturation song

i've just realized that, though we've only really got four songs with YouTube videos, today we did all four in a row. hmm.


for once, we haven't planned our next show yet. some time in the new year we'll release new recordings. see you in 2013.

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