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we played yesterday in a pretty nice event at ongaku no jikan in mitaka.


it was a stop on the album release tour of an artist from nagoya called emi inahata.


much thanks to emi inahata and to the other band who played, wakusei no kazoekata, to the venue, and to everybody who came to listen.


the next time hashigo tours, it would be great to play again with emi inahata when we go through nagoya.

「けとり」by セキネコ
「けとり」by セキネコ

梯子ノ上デ・写真 by いなはたえみ氏
写真 by いなはたえみ氏

上はステージ奥の黒板を飾る画家さん… ライブのチラシのイラストを再現した絵… そして梯子ノ上デの姿が見えるその一部。

above, the artist who decorated the blackboard at the rear of the stage... the finished picture, recreating the flier for the show... and a detail showing you-know-who.



  1. 飲酒散歩(YouTubeにて試聴
  2. 不正データ(YouTubeにて試聴
  3. 悲しみは知識である
  4. 不合格
  5. 着物と墓穴
  6. 無縁仏
  7. desaturation song
  8. 惚れ薬

we played first. set list:

  1. inshu sanpo (listen on YouTube)
  2. fusei data (listen on YouTube)
  3. kanashimi wa chishiki de aru
  4. fugokaku
  5. kimono to boketsu
  6. muenbotoké
  7. desaturation song
  8. horegusuri


after us came wakusei no kazoekata (how to count planets). female vocalist who plays guitar and piano, with a clarinetist. a clear singing voice, a relaxing folk sound. their site is here.


last was emi inahata. female SSW on electric guitar, also making use of effects and loops. she gave a copy of her new album to people who came to listen, but you can also hear samples on the ongaku no jikan website.


so. the next hashigo show is on sunday, february 24th at ringoya in ikebukuro. it should be a good show, judging from the people we're playing with. details here.

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