vouloir, c'est vouloir

先日、渋谷のWasted Timeでは梯子が久々に演奏してきた。







the other day hashigo played a show at wasted time in shibuya. it was our first time in a while at that venue.


thanks to everyone who came, to the venue, and to the other performers.


our set this time wasn't bad. maybe good enough to convince people not to despise us.


one hates to presume, though.

「Alva Notoを聴きながら描いた」by セキネコ
「Alva Notoを聴きながら描いた」by セキネコ


the first band of the evening was Happy&Potter. a cover band, focusing on upbeat pop of yesteryear. sometimes female vocals, sometimes male, with acoustic guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums. couldn't find a website for them...


second was a female singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar called kanata. sincere, delicate pop songs that sometimes build in energy but are usually gentle. seemed like an interesting kid, but unfortunately didn't have a chance to talk properly. her site is here.


  1. owls in daylight
  2. 悲しみは知識である
  3. 二の舞
  4. メリケンサック
  5. にんまり
  6. 妄想力
  7. 余韻(YouTube

then us. our set list:

  1. owls in daylight
  2. kanashimi ha chishiki de aru
  3. ni no mai
  4. meriken sakku
  5. ninmari
  6. mosoryoku
  7. yoin (YouTube)


by the way, it was at this show that the last copy of our CD "tori" sold out. you can still buy it online, but not at shows any longer.


on the way home, took a nice little picture. can you spot the icicle?



  • 5月30日(木) 三鷹おんがくのじかん(良い共演者の前兆あり)
  • 6月2日(日) 二子玉川マルシェ・ド・クルール(中庭ライブ)
  • 6月16日(日) 下北沢カラードジャム(梯子が企画したイベント)



あと、6月4日に、cubic star minimal orchestraも演奏するよ。これも、もちろん、オススメ。

upcoming shows:

  • thursday, may 30 at ongaku no jikan in mitaka (the other bands look good)
  • sunday, june 2 at marche de couleurs in futako-tamagawa (outdoor show)
  • sunday, june 16 at colored jam in shimokitazawa (a hashigo-curated show)

they're all recommended. (there's something untrustworthy about the phrase "all recommended", isn't there.)


and on june 4, cubic star minimal orchestra is playing a show, which is also, as you might expect, recommended.


finally, a few songs we're into these days.