veretrum et verecundum






recently, hashigo has been busy busy. we played a show at the end of may, another at the start of june, and another today. you'd think we'd be exhausted.


but playing shows is rarely ever tiring. unlike most other forms of work.


the show tonight was at ringoya in ikebukuro. thanks to the venue, and also to the other performers and to everybody who came to listen.

「Wes Montgomeryを聴きながら描いた」by セキネコ
「Wes Montgomeryを聴きながら描いた」by セキネコ


  • 桂麻里恵さん。感情的に熱唱する女子アコギ弾き語り。アピア系に近いとも思えた。彼女のサイト
  • 尾林星さん。独特な歌い方と作曲の、男子アコギ弾き語り。彼のサイト
  • 山田庵巳さん。8弦のアコギを弾く男子弾き語り。青葉市子さんのやり方を思い出した。彼のサイト

the other performers:

  • marie katsura—emotional, passionate singing. female SSW on guitar. her site.
  • sei obayashi—male SSW with unique singing style and songwriting. his site.
  • anmi yamada—male SSW on 8-string gut guitar, reminded me of ichiko aoba. his site.


  1. 砂読み(YouTube
  2. 象徴的
  3. 不合格
  4. 液体
  5. なかざにゑ
  6. 浮遊

our set list:

  1. sunayomi (YouTube)
  2. shochoteki
  3. fugokaku
  4. ekitai
  5. nakazaniye
  6. fuyuu

さて。僕らの次のライブは、いよいよ、梯子ノ上デ企画「矢鴨行進曲 第六本」だよね。詳しくはこちら。イベントのCMは以下。

so. our next show is the long-awaited, hashigo-curated event "march of the yagamo, part VI". details here. commercial below.


finally, though they aren't hashigo-related, here are a few videos that have caught our eye.