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先日梯子ノ上デが企画したライブ「矢鴨行進曲 第六本」は無事に終わった。







hashigo put on a show the other day called "march of the yagamo, part VI". we had a splendid time.


it was great to see so many of our favorite people coming out to listen. thanks.


and the other musicians were excellent. we'd love to do another show with the same lineup.


not to mention the laid-back atmosphere of the venue, great for music on a sunday afternoon.

「Diego Schissiを聴きながら描いた」by セキネコ
「Diego Schissiを聴きながら描いた」by セキネコ

最初に演奏してくれたのはYour Last Chickenさん。マキトさんのデリケートな歌声とギター、ユミさんの地味にカッコいいパーカッション、ヒナミさんのきれいなハーモニーと趣味の優れたギターとチェロとバイオリン… 最強なコンビ。それに詩的な歌詞、品の良いフォークサウンド、プログレ思考を匂わすアレンジ。じっと聴く度に新しいものを発見する、情景を描く音楽。サイトはこちら

Your Last Chicken played first. their sound combines makito's delicate vocals and guitar, yumi's cool, understated percussion, and keisuke's lovely harmonies and tasteful guitar, cello, and violin work. a superb combination. poetic lyrics, a refined folk sound, progressive arrangements. listen carefully and you discover something new every time. their site is here.

その次はアラン パトンさん(アコーディオン・歌)&関島種彦さん(バイオリン)のCsiga Jidanda(チガ・ジダンダ)という二人組。ジプシージャズや色んな国の伝統的な音楽を交えた、とても楽しい演奏。アランパトンさんのサイトはこちら関島さんのブログはこちら

next was alan patton (accordion & vocals) and tanehiko sekijima (violin). a fun, vigorous performance incorporating gypsy jazz and traditional music from all over the world. alan patton's site is here. tanehiko sekijima's blog is here.


  1. 飲酒散歩(YouTube
  2. 不正データ(YouTube
  3. owls in daylight
  4. ベルリンの壁
  5. 余韻(YouTube
  6. 浮遊

then us. our set list:

  1. inshu sanpo (YouTube)
  2. fusei data (YouTube)
  3. owls in daylight
  4. berurin no kabe
  5. yoin (YouTube)
  6. fuyuu


it was fun. thanks to everyone who was there.


our next show is on august 25th at strobe café in kita-sando. it's an event put on by furun, so we're thrilled to be playing. details here.


and, as always, here are some videos that have nothing to do with hashigo. but we think you'll like them.