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over the weekend hashigo went on a brief tour to nagoya (8/31) and yokkaichi (9/1).


it was a lovely experience, seeing unknown places and immersing ourselves in new scenes, playing music for whomever we found there, and above all being able to meet so many delightful people.


from time to time it's necessary and healthy to get out of tokyo, muck up one's daily rotation, and look at things from a different corner.

「魚が水中から想像した月」by セキネコ

august thirty first・8月31日


the venue was a coffee house in kanayama, nagoya, called brazil coffee. good sound, a good atmosphere.

最初の出演はadusai(アヅサイ)さんだった。男女のボーカル、ツインギターとドラム。ソニック・ユース や ジュン・オブ・44を彷彿とさせる、リスナーを魅了するサウンド。デリケートな部分もあればノイズや鋭い角もあるような、実験的な、遊び心をもっている音楽。サイトはこちら

first up was adusai (pronounced "azusai"). solipsistic male-female vocals, twin guitars and atmospheric drums that recall sonic youth, june of '44, etc. hypnotic and delicate in parts, angular and noisy in parts, with elements of playful experimentation. their site is here.


next came shiraoka, another two-guitar and drum trio, this time with male vocals. unadorned singing, leisurly minimalist music, pop elements but with plenty of breathing room and ambience. their site is here.


  1. owls in daylight
  2. 不正データ(SoundCloud
  3. 飲酒散歩(YouTube
  4. 別の人になる(デモ音源
  5. 不合格
  6. 余韻(SoundCloud

then us. set list:

  1. owls in daylight
  2. fusei data (SoundCloud)
  3. inshu sanpo (YouTube)
  4. betsu no hito ni naru (demo)
  5. fugokaku
  6. yoin (SoundCloud)


last came emi inahata. female singer-songwriter on electric guitar with atmospheric effects and loops. adventurous song structure and chord constructions, clear unaffected singing voice with emotional depth. getting to know her, we discovered her to be an absolutely splendid human. so we've designated her a living national treasure. her site is here.

september first・9月1日


the venue on this day was doremifa toiroha. library stacks-full of manga and other reading matter, plus vintage video games and board games, toys and sundries... basically piles and piles of interesting stuff. people who go nuts for this stuff, if you visit this venue, be prepared not to leave again for a couple of weeks.


emi inahata, who played last the night before, played first this time. actually, she's the one who booked and organized these shows for us, for which we can't begin to express our gratitude. some of her songs were the same as the day before, some were different, but anyway it was the same emi. nevertheless, the time of night was different, and her context in the lineup, and the room, the lighting, the drinks on the menu (and the lettering on the menu), the books lining the walls, were all different. so her songs sounded completely different. live music isn't just a live reproduction of some music—it's the time of night and day of the week, the taste of the air inside the room, the deepening color of the shadows on the walls when the lights are brought down.


next came fun'iki. he's actually the proprietor of the venue, as well as an acoustic singer-songwriter who occasionally incorporates loops etc. relaxed, happy-go-lucky folk sung in a cute rasp. (tried to find his site, but couldn't turn one up...)


third was catty beans. a drum and piano duo with female vocals. upbeat cute pop with bouncing rhythm, played energetically but in a feminine way (are you allowed to say that?), not noisily or over-vigorously. a playful spirit infuses both the piano and the drums. their melodic sense is essential pop. their site is here.


fourth was mimiko. at a show we played in tokyo a week before, a band called fun'iki zowazowa gakudan, which features two of the members of mimiko, also happened to be playing, so we got to see them again tonight, which was nice. mimiko is a 4-piece (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard) with female vocals, playing enjoyable, upbeat pop influenced by funk and R&B. i thought the drummer was particularly cool. the vocalist has a warm, clear, strong voice seemingly capable of just about anything. their site is here.


  1. 余韻(SoundCloud
  2. 悲しみは知識である
  3. 妄想力
  4. 液体
  5. 浮遊
  6. 惚れ薬
  7. 0+0−0

and we were last. set list:

  1. yoin (SoundCloud)
  2. kanashimi ha chishiki de aru
  3. mosoryoku
  4. ekitai
  5. fuyuu
  6. horegusuri
  7. 0+0-0


and then we came home. our next show is on saturday, october 5 at an italian restaurant called Osteria Giapponese, located not far from gakugei daigaku station. it'll be a little party to commemorate our album release. there's some general info on the show on this site's schedule, but when the final details are decided, we'll update.


okay, and now some videos. they've got nothing to do with hashigo, beyond the fact that we like them.