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昨夜はアルバム リリース ディナーで演奏してきた。


会場はオステリア ジャポネーゼ(学芸大学駅最寄り)という創作イタリアン レストランだった。



we played an album release dinner show last night.


it was at osteria giapponese (near gakugei-daigaku), an italian-themed restaurant.


it ended up an outstanding evening. to everybody who came, thanks.

絵 by セキネコ
絵 by セキネコ

梯子ノ上デ&フード(写真 by s.a.)
梯子ノ上デ&フード(写真 by s.a.)





and thanks a lot to everyone at the venue. the atmosphere there is elegant, the food delicious.


the photos at left were taken and arranged by a listener. the design of the show was to combine music and food as fittingly as we could, so we think this image is well composed.



  1. 不具合
  2. 悲しみは知識である(YouTube
  3. 不正データ(SoundCloud
  4. 的外れ
  5. 液体
  6. 妄想力
  7. 0+0−0


  1. 飲酒散歩(YouTube
  2. 着物と墓穴
  3. 不合格
  4. 別の人になる
  5. 煙の湾
  6. 浮遊
  7. 惚れ薬
  8. 余韻(SoundCloud


this time we tried the patience of our listeners with two sets of music. they bore it gallantly. here's the set list:


  1. fuguai
  2. kanashimi ha chishiki de aru (YouTube)
  3. fusei data (SoundCloud)
  4. mato hazuré
  5. ekitai
  6. mosoryoku
  7. 0+0–0


  1. inshu sanpo (YouTube)
  2. kimono to boketsu
  3. fugokaku
  4. betsu no hito ni naru
  5. kemuri no wan
  6. fuyuu
  7. horegusuri
  8. yoin (SoundCloud)
梯子ノ上デの写真 by chihaya
写真 by chihaya







we organized the show to commemorate the release of our new album "march of the yagamo".


and we sold some CDs! thanks, everybody.


by the way, the album is also available at tower records in the tokyo area (under its japanese title, 矢鴨行進曲 "yagamo koshinkyoku").


our next show will also be yagamo-themed. not a release party this time, but as an expanded band, featuring pianist nozomi iwashima and the members of dodo (ayako uchida and iori shiranui), who contributed to the album. our old friends ii & natsumi hirasawa are also playing. shows like this are once in a blue moon, so don't miss it. details are here.


so. here are a few songs that have nothing to do with us, except that we like them.