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Last night, we did a live broadcast on the Small Finger Records Ustream channel "Yagamo Hosokyoku".


Just like the time before, it was just me (Dale). All alone. Wishing the other members of hashigo would hang out with me.


"Yagamo Hosokyoku" is here. Last night's broadcast has been recorded and left up.

「独吐くマスク」by セキネコ
「独吐くマスク」by セキネコ


  1. ご挨拶
  2. 不具合・曲の歌詞に関する話、録音の仕方に関する話、そして演奏
  3. 不意討ち休日・意味の不明なタイトルに関する話、そして演奏
  4. 不合格・dodo岩島のぞみが参加してくれた録音のPV動画を初放送
  5. ウィスキー イン ザ ジャー・アイリッシュフォークのカバー曲(作詞:岩島のぞみ)

So, I just gabbed away. I wonder if anybody watching was watching. Table of contents:

  1. Salutations & felicitations
  2. fuguai – chatted about the lyrics, then played the song
  3. fuiuchi kyujitsu – chatted about the wierd title, then played the song
  4. fugokaku – premiere broadcast of the new music video (the recording features dodo and Nozomi Iwashima)
  5. Whiskey in the Jar – cover of an Irish folk song (Japanse lyrics by Iwashima)


The program this time featured the contributions (from afar) of dodo (Ayako Uchida and Iori Shiranui) and Nozomi Iwashima. All three of them are playing with us in a hashigo-curated show tomorrow. Tomorrow! You should come to this show. Details are here.

生まれて「ウィスキー イン ザ ジャー」の日本語版を最後まで間違いなく歌ったことが一度もない。でもその日本語の歌詞が凄く良いと思うから、演りたくなっちゃう。

I still haven't yet been able to get through the Japanese "Whiskey in the Jar" even once, in my whole life, without making a mistake. Watch the show to catch the mistakes this time.


So. We've made a video for "fugokaku", our second video for the album "March of the Yagamo". It's a homemade thing using images ripped off of the internet without permission. Who cares, as long as I don't get caught. If I do get caught, I guess they'll deport me.