Everybody who came out to the show last night, thanks. It was a good evening.


The show was at Ringoya in Ikebukuro, a venue where you take off your shoes and chill. Thanks as always to the venue for having us. Thanks also to the other artists who played.


First to play was Shoji Mori. Male acoustic singer-songwriter, folky and good-natured. His site.


Second was Masakazu Teramoto. One some of his songs, he accompanied himself on accordion, but it was his playing of the igil that made the greatest impression. This is apparently a Tuvan two-stringed bowed instrument, similar to those Mongolian horsehead fiddles. He mostly sang in Japanese, but there were also passages of Tuvan throat singing. We'd never seen anything like it. Reportedly he also plays in a band, which we'd like to see, and maybe play a show with, some time.


  1. 不意討ち休日
  2. 物欲
  3. 0+0-0
  4. 積荷信仰
  5. 惚れ薬
  6. 浮遊

Then we played, with (for us) a relatively energetic set-list:

  1. fuiuchi kyujitsu
  2. butsuyoku
  3. 0+0-0
  4. tsumini shinko
  5. horegusuri
  6. fuyuu


Finally, Mikihito Nakahira. He's a gravelly-voiced bluesman who interprets work songs, standards, etc. in Japanese, in addition to originals. A sort of whisky-soaked prince of darkness. We've praised him in this blog many times before; suffice to say, you should check him out. What impressed us this time was the way in which, no matter what the size or lineup of his backing band, he always manages to pull it all together and express his vision. His site.


The date of our next show isn't yet fixed. We'll let you know on this site once it's been booked.


Finally, a few songs that have nothing to do with us, other than the fact that we dig them.