We played a dinner show last night at Osteria Giapponese near Gakugei-Daigaku station. Much thanks to everybody who came to listen; it was great to see so many of our favorite people there. And thanks also to Osteria Giapponese for having us. The food is great and the atmosphere smart; it's a pleasure to play a place like that.



  1. 的外れ
  2. 不具合
  3. メリケンサック
  4. ベルリンの壁
  5. 不意討ち休日
  6. 積荷信仰
  7. 象徴的
  8. 余韻(SoundCloud


  1. 不正データ(YouTube
  2. かもめ(浅川マキのカバー曲
  3. 不合格(YouTube
  4. 悲しみは知識である(YouTube
  5. 0+0−0
  6. 浮遊
  7. 惚れ薬

We did two sets. Here are the set lists:


  1. matohazuré
  2. fuguai
  3. meriken sakku
  4. berurin no kabé
  5. fuiuchi kyujitsu
  6. tsumini shinko
  7. shochoteki
  8. yoin (SoundCloud)


  1. fusei data (YouTube)
  2. kamomé (Maki Asakawa cover)
  3. fugokaku (YouTube)
  4. kanashimi ha chisiki de aru (YouTube)
  5. 0+0-0
  6. fuyuu
  7. horegusuri


We'll next play at U-ha in Koenji on Friday, April 25. Details are here. Chié Kodaira and satomimagae are also playing, so we're really looking forward to the show. Hope you can make it.


So. Here are some songs we like.