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We played a show last night with two artists we greatly admire, Chie Kodaira and satomimagae. The venue was U-ha, a café/bar in Koenji with great Indian curry. Thanks to everybody who came to listen, and to the other artists and the venue.


最初は小平智恵さん。このブログなどで以前も書いたことがあるけれど、彼女の演奏を見る度に「今にしか、ここでしか経験できない」という感じを切に感じる。彼女が前からの曲を極端に再構築したり進化させたりするのでライブは常に変化している。ソロのときよりもっと強健なバンドIll Appleの方が最近ライブの本数を増やしているので昨夜のソロ演奏は久々の楽しみだった。彼女のサイトはこちら

First up was Chie Kodaira. As I've written before, every time I watch her I'm acutely aware that I'm seeing something I can only see at that time, in that place. Her songs evolve over time as she radically deconstructs their structure. Her solo shows have become less frequent as she increasingly focuses on her more robust band, Ill Apple, so it was a treat to see her solo last night. Her site is here.


Next was satomimagae. She's a younger artist but possesses a mature vision and a distinctive sound. I listen frequently to her first album, which artfully mixes acoustic and electronic sounds with subtle noise, and recommend it to anyone who's into atmospheric, delicate, moody music. Her site is here.


  1. 別の人になる(SoundCloud
  2. 積荷信仰
  3. 不意討ち休日
  4. 二の舞
  5. oxytocin song
  6. 逃げ窓
  7. 余韻(SoundCloud
  8. 惚れ薬

We played next. Our set list:

  1. betsu no hito ni naru (SoundCloud)
  2. tsumini shinko
  3. fuiuchi kyujitsu
  4. ninomai
  5. oxytocin song
  6. nigemado
  7. yoin (SoundCloud)
  8. horegusuri


Our next show hasn't been booked yet. I imagine we will someday play again, so we'll let you know on this site once we've booked one.


So. I want to share some music I'm into these days. Have a listen if you please.