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今夜は二人編成(すなとデール)で演奏してきた。会場は高円寺のウーハで、共演者はhanjiさん、violette mothさん、Yawningさんだった。遊びに来てくれた皆さんに、共演者の方々に、お店のマスターに多謝。

Tonight we played a set as a duo (Suna & Dale). The show was at U-ha in Koenji, and hanji, violette moth, and Yawning were also on the bill. Much thanks to everybody who came, to the other artists, and to the venue.



First to play was a guitarist called hanji. Free improvisation on a guitar with some effects applied. His blog is here.

violette moth
violette moth

その次は昔からの友人、violette mothさん。出会ったときはバンドでCourtney Loveの影響を受けたオールタナティブをやっていて、それから段々ノイズや実験的な要素を取り入れていき、それから打って変わってバンドサウンドを辞めておとなしい弾き語りに切り替わった、進化していくアーティスト。彼女のツイッターはこちら

Next was our old friend violette moth. When we met her, she led an alternative band influenced by Courtney Love, which added more and more elements of noise and experimentalism as time went by; but then she went solo, making a dramatic shift to a hushed singer-songwriter sound; and she continues to evolve. Her Twitter is here.



Third was Yawning, another friend of ours. He layers ambient guitar atop pre-programmed backing tracks to create instrumental music reminiscent of Sigur Rós; fans of that band should check Yawning out. As half of the duo Gargle, he's released albums overseas. The Yawning site is here.


  1. 象徴的両性具有化儀礼
  2. 的外れ
  3. 液体
  4. 悲しみは知識である(YouTube
  5. 不合格(YouTube
  6. 無縁仏
  7. 不意討ち休日
  8. メリケンサック

We played last. Without drums, of course our sound gets quieter and less energetic, but also opens up and breathes, with more spaces between sounds. Our set list:

  1. shochoteki
  2. matohazuré
  3. ekitai
  4. kanashimi (YouTube)
  5. fugokaku (YouTube)
  6. muenbotoké
  7. fuiuchi kyujitsu
  8. meriken sakku


Our next show is as a trio on Friday, 1 August, again at U-ha. Details are over here.


Finally, here's a song you might like.